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About SeaStar's Workshops

SeaStar offers free workshops for caregivers of children who may have experienced trauma. Workshops focus on information and strategies to help caregivers support their children, and take care of themselves.

Topics may include:

  • Understanding trauma and healing
  • Strategies to support your child and yourself
  • Emotion coaching
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Trauma-informed yoga
  • Navigating the Justice system

Participants don’t share their stories at these workshops, and don’t need to discuss their reasons for attending. Workshops are psychoeducational, meaning they provide information and helpful strategies. These are not therapy groups. Information provided is meant to support and complement, not replace, appropriate therapy or other mental health supports.

What can I expect at SeaStar's workshops?

  • Workshops are FREE
  • Registration is required
  • All workshops are located at the IWK Health Centre, Parker Reception Room, unless otherwise noted (Click here for map)
These workshops offer:
  • Practical, relatable information and examples
  • Strategies you can use to support your child and yourself
  • Safe, private, non-judgmental environment
Workshop format:
  • These workshops are not therapy groups
  • You are not asked to share your story
  • Workshops are intended to complement other mental health supports available in the community
  • Information is presented in ‘lecture format’, with opportunities for questions
Who can attend?
  • Caregivers of children who have experienced trauma
  • Teens and adults who have who have experienced trauma and would like to learn more about the healing process
  • Support persons
  • Select workshops are open to professionals and students, only where noted
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