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SeaStar’s workshops are free, and designed for caregivers of children who may have experienced trauma. Workshops focus on information and strategies to help caregivers support their children, and take care of themselves.

  • Currently offered virtually
  • Workshops are presented live online using a secure Zoom for Healthcare link
  • Participants are anonymous (other people won’t see your name or video)

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Online programs and webinars

The Community Health Team offers FREE virtual wellness programs in partnership with IWK Health

Programs are offered through Zoom for Health Care that are available to all Nova Scotians who have a valid Nova Scotia health card number.

Topics include:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Mental Wellness
  • Physical Activity
  • Parenting
  • Managing Risk Factors

VisitCommunity Health Teams

This webinar helps participants learn how to use a trauma-informed perspective to better understand the relational, neurobiological and developmental impact of trauma on children and youth. It includes information on understanding the patterns of children’s behaviour, and some practical tools to begin helping children to manage those behaviours. Created by New Directions in association with the Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre. Free, registration required.

(French closed captioning and ASL translation available)

VisitMaking Sense of Trauma

These video modules from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection explore how our brains and bodies respond to experiences of trauma.

The video series aims to provide a source of accurate and helpful information for victim-survivors of child sexual abuse (whether it happened online or in person), as well as supportive friends and family, in their healing process.


Visit: Trauma Education Video Series

This e-learning program is for anyone in a child serving organization or who interacts in a formal role with children and youth who may have been exposed to maltreatment. Developed by the Luna Child and Youth Advocacy Centre. Free, registration required.

VisitBeing Trauma Aware

This webinar series for parents, families and caregivers of school children is a partnership between IWK Mental Health and Addictions Program and the Nova Scotia’s Department of Early Education and Childhood Development (EECD). Topics focus on mental wellness strategies to prepare for the school year, recognizing the stresses and uncertainty that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges that many students may be facing this year.

Topics include:

  • Resilience & Wellness
  • Coping with Change & Uncertainty
  • Preparing for School through Relationships

VisitIWK Road to Resilience Webinar Series 

Other resources

Check out our Learn More page for more free resources and webinars.

If you are a service provider, check out our For Professionals page for other training and information available online.


Workshop topics and content may vary. Workshops are currently presented as a four-part series. Attending all four is recommended.

Learn more about our body’s emergency response system, what trauma is, and how it impacts brain development. This workshop is a building block in learning how to support someone who is healing from trauma. Includes an overview of SeaStar CYAC and why we offer these workshops for caregivers of children who have experienced trauma.

90 mins.

Learn about emotions and triggers, why we have and need them.

90 mins. First 15 mins focuses on a review, examples, and Q&A about previous workshop. 

Learn activities to grow mind-body attunement.

90 mins. First 15 mins focuses on a review, examples, and Q&A about previous workshops. 

Develop skills and comfort seeing and supporting others through their emotional experiences.

90 mins. First 15 mins focuses on a review, examples, and Q&A about previous workshops. 


  • Workshops are FREE
  • Registration is required
  • All workshops are offered live online, with Zoom for Healthcare
  • In this online format, participants are anonymous (other people won’t see your name or video)

These workshops offer:

  • Practical, relatable information and examples
  • Strategies you can use to support your child and yourself
  • Safe, private, non-judgmental environment

Workshop format:

  • These workshops are not therapy groups
  • You are not asked to share your story
  • Workshops are intended to complement other mental health supports available in the community
  • Information is presented in ‘lecture format’, with opportunities for questions

Who can attend?

  • Caregivers of children who have experienced trauma
  • Teens and adults who have who have experienced trauma and would like to learn more about the healing process
  • Support persons for those attending
  • Note that these are not professional development trainings. Due to limited capacity we cannot offer workshop spaces to professionals wishing to attend for their own professional learning. Professionals and students who are interested in learning more about trauma should visit Resources for Professionals.


Because these workshops are virtual, our usual content has been edited to fit a shorter online format.

In addition to these workshops, participants are encouraged to complete the Making Sense of Trauma webinar by New Directions in association with the Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre

The webinar is free and available on-demand. This excellent resource will help to support and complement the information presented. Questions and discussion about information froMaking Sense of Trauma are welcome in our workshop Q&As.