Fall 2018 workshops now open!

SeaStar’s workshops are free, and designed for caregivers of children who may have experienced trauma. Workshops focus on information and strategies to help caregivers support their children, and take care of themselves.

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Workshop Topics & Dates

Learn more about our body’s emergency response system, what trauma is, and how it impacts brain development. This workshop is a building block in learning how to support someone who is healing from trauma.

Supporting a child who has experienced trauma can be challenging. For many caregivers, it can bring up a lot of their own reactions and emotions. Learn to identify how your own hopes, fears, beliefs, and emotions might be impacting your caregiving style, and explore strategies that will help you to support your child.

Learn more about emotions and how to become your child’s emotion coach.

Learn strategies for cultivating groundedness in your home, and ideas for teaching mindfulness to young people.

Content in these  *   four workshops is complementary. Attending all four is ideal, but not required.

Have you attended a previous workshop, but still have a few questions? This Q&A session is open to participants who have attended a workshop in the past, and want to clarify or follow up on something they learned. Questions are submitted privately in advance. We seek to create a safe discussion facilitated by a social worker.

Meditation supports the brain in healing trauma by helping people to ground themselves in the present moment. In this workshop, participants will learn more about meditation, how to do it, and practice together in a safe and supported environment. No experience required.

Our personal narratives originate in the body. Come learn different writing techniques to help you make sense of and release your story. Learn strategies to foster healing and grow balance.

Guest speaker, Crown Attorney Mark Scott, provides clarity as to how the criminal prosecution process works with regard to sex crimes against children in Nova Scotia.

Yoga is about learning to pay attention to what our bodies are trying to communicate to us, so that we can adjust and care for ourselves accordingly. In this workshop, a trauma informed yoga instructor will facilitate a yoga class in a safe and supported environment. No yoga experience required.

What can I expect at SeaStar's workshops?

  • Workshops are FREE
  • Registration is required
  • All workshops are located at the IWK Health Centre, Parker Reception Room, unless otherwise noted  (Click here for map)
These workshops offer:
  • Practical, relatable information and examples
  • Strategies you can use to support your child and yourself
  • Safe, private, non-judgmental environment
Workshop format:
  • These workshops are not therapy groups
  • You are not asked to share your story
  • Workshops are intended to complement other mental health supports available in the community
  • Information is presented in ‘lecture format’, with opportunities for questions
Who can attend?
  • Caregivers of children who have experienced trauma
  • Teens and adults who have who have experienced trauma and would like to learn more about the healing process
  • Support persons
  • Select workshops are open to professionals and students, only where noted
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