Visiting SeaStar

Every visit to SeaStar is different. If you are referred to SeaStar, the services offered will depend on your family’s individual needs. Visit our Services page to learn more about some of the services that may be offered.

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Common Questions
Virtual 360° Tour
Animated Video: My Visit to SeaStar
Social Story
Directions & Parking

Common Questions

Typically, one of our child and youth advocates will greet you when you arrive. They will help you and your child get settled, ensure you feel comfortable, and can offer information and support throughout your visit.

You will check in with our administrative assistant, who may register your child’s visit (please ensure you have your child’s health card with you). 

Next, you and your child will meet the child welfare social worker and police officer that your child will talk to. This may be the same social worker or office you talked to when your visit was booked. They will talk with you about what will happen during your visit, which will usually include an interview with your child. You can also ask any questions you have at this time.

Please bring your child’s health card with you. 

Feel free to bring a favourite stuffed animal or toy if your child wants to. You may also wish to bring things to do while you and your child wait.

Generally, visits to SeaStar take about 1.5 to 3 hours, however, every visit is different. The length of the visit will depend on your unique situation, and can vary with the number of children attending and what services are needed.

Feel free to bring things to do while you wait. We have books, toys, movies, snacks, and free guest WiFi, and will aim to make your time at SeaStar as comfortable as possible.

You can tell your child/youth that SeaStar is a safe place where kids and young people come to talk about important stuff. You can explain that they will meet a few different people whose jobs are to help and talk to kids. Explain that your child is not in any trouble, and that lots of kids visit SeaStar.

If you have questions about an upcoming visit to SeaStar, you can call the child welfare social worker or police officer who gave you your appointment time, or call SeaStar’s child and youth advocates.

Animated Video: My Visit to SeaStar

This short animated video helps kids to understand what they can expect when they visit SeaStar.

Social Story

A social story is a short narrative story that helps a child or youth to understand and prepare for the steps of a new situation or social interaction.

This social story outlines the people and steps that a child or youth may encounter during a visit to SeaStar.

Directions & Parking

SeaStar is located at the IWK Health Centre.

When your appointment is booked, you will be given directions on how to find us in the Health Centre. However, if you have difficulty finding SeaStar on the day of your visit, please call (902) 470-8222.

5850/5980 University Avenue
Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3K 6R8


IWK parkade
The IWK Health Centre has a multi-level public parkade on University Avenue which is open to patient, family and visitor use.

Hourly parking rates apply. For more information, click here.

Nearby parking
Metered or street parking may be available along University Avenue and surrounding streets.

If the cost of parking makes it hard for you to attend your appointment, talk with SeaStar’s child and youth advocate at the time of your visit.