How to report a concern

SeaStar does not take direct referrals. Referrals to SeaStar are made by Department of Community ServicesMi’kmaw Family & Children’s Services, or police.

Duty to report

If you suspect that a child under the age of 19 has been harmed or is at risk of being harmed, you have a legal duty to report those concerns immediately to the Department of Community Services or Mi’kmaw Family & Children’s Services.

This includes concerns of:

  • physical abuse
  • sexual assault or abuse
  • neglect
  • emotional harm
  • exposure to violence
The fact sheet Children and Family Services Act: Duty to Report outlines these reporting requirements under the Nova Scotia Children and Family Services Act.

How to make a report

To report concerns, contact the Department of Community Services or Mi’kmaw Family & Children’s Services office where the child lives. After regular business hours, call 1 (866) 922-2434.

Reports may be made anonymously, 24-hours a day. Once a report is made, child protection social workers assess the information provided to determine an appropriate response.

If you are concerned about a child being sexually exploited on the Internet, you can also report your concern at

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