Regulation & Mindfulness Activity Cards

This collection of ideas and activities are designed to help promote regulation and mindfulness skills for kids and youth.
These activities can help kids to feel more calm and settled by learning to connect with their senses, get their brain and body working together, understand their emotions, and express themselves. 
Developed by SeaStar, this package includes printable cards, colouring pages, and Do-It-Yourself instructions to make items and activities using common, low-cost everyday items. 

Note that some activities suggest the use of small parts and may not suitable for children under 3 years.

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Dorado Activity & Colouring Book

Join Dorado, a dog with a special job, to learn about emotions and the different ways that our brains and bodies respond to them. Understand how we react when something big or scary happens, and learn some simple, fun strategies that you can use any time to help yourself feel calm and settled.

This book is released in memory of Dorado, a very special Accredited Facility Dog who worked with SeaStar until 2021. 

This book was made possible thanks to the support of the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia.

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